Sunday 22 March 2015

Get together ....

The plans for our little house, I refuse to call it a granny flat, are submitted in council. My hubbie and I took the opportunity to get away to meet up with friends. We stayed in Grafton for a week. Not much has changed since I lived here some 36years ago, just more shops and traffic. The river is still flowing.
One addition to the shops is a 'milk bar'..... We stopped by twice 
I'm on the left, Kim in the middle and Jenny on the right. Delicious!

Drove out to Minnie Water and Wooli. Lovely, plus great memories.
Yep, that's hubbie and Charlie our pup. He wasn't a happy camper as he had to stay on the lead as he's still recovering from crucial ligament surgery.

We moved onto Maclean with Jenny and Peter. A great camp at the Showground except for the noisy bat neighbours. A busy little town with great op shops and coffee stops. A visit to Yamba wasn't bad either. A definite place to return to.
This is the view. Not bad, hey!

Leaving our buds today. We are heading back home to have Easter with the gran girls and Jen and Peter have to head to Brisbane for a wedding. We will take our time though.
On the down side, so far the stitching hasn't got out of the cupboard. Too much talking, laughing and eating. Fabulous!

Saturday 7 March 2015


Big changes have been happening. This was never in the life plan but just shows how one comment can snowball and before you know it, this happens .........

More to come, watch this space!

Wednesday 20 August 2014

Long time no blog ......

Six months has gone quite quickly. I love trolling wonderful quilty blogs but because of various reasons have been very neglectful of blogging myself.
During my blogging hiatus lots of changes have happened in our life. My hubbie and I LOVE caravanning. Meeting people and visiting places in our wonderful country.
This was our first little caravan.

We decided that we definatley wanted to keep travelling so we have upgraded to this, my penthouse, haha.

During our absences our grandies kept growing. Virtual hugs are standard!

And lastly, I have finished a table topper, for the van of course. The 'exploding block' a tutorial from Missouri Quilt Company.


Thursday 13 March 2014

Work, some sewing and a lovely dinner ...............

I have been remise with my blogging, my apologies.....

I've been working for the beginning of the school year. Lets just say I quickly remembered why I dont work anymore. haha. (It has been good for the fuel account though)

Only a small amount of sewing has been done. Some bibs for our new gd. Here is a photo of my hubbie, Macey and I. How quickly they grow.

Another completion is  the Tiny Town runner from Hatched and Patched. I machine appliqued the houses. It fits my coffee table perfectly.

But the best thing to happen this week, was a lovely dinner I went to last night at CHeryll from Gone Stitchin's home. I met some lovely talented ladies with the dinner being a big surprise for Shez's visit. Of course all the ladies had their camera's but alas I didn't but I'm sure they will be posting a few in coming days. Thanks again Cheryll, I had a great night.


Friday 14 February 2014

Another first ...............

Some of the fabric in my op shop buy was not really to my taste. I decided to make a rag quilt for my pooch, Charlie. I used fleece on the back. Its 36 x48inches, or there abouts.

Wow, my hands are still recovering from all the snipping.

It turned out ok but I dont think I'm a fan. So far Charlie has only sniffered it, maybe he doesnt like it either????

Oh, I have to take that back he's now lying half on it, hahaha. Actually, looking at the pics it doesnt look half bad.
Nice drop of rain today. Hopefully it hasnt bypassed our country cousins.