Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Memories and what to do with them.......

I've been lucky this week and seen our grandie 3 out of 4 days. She is very inquisitive and I have been explaing to her who the people are in displayed photos. This seemed to work better than previous discussions and I think she got it. Anyway, this of course got me thinking about these special people that have been in my life and the things that remind me of them. Which is what was still in my head when I got to my sewing room in the pm.
Sorry to be long winded but there will be a point.
Anyway, I remember when I was 8 or so my Mum and my sister who is 8years older than me, spent most nights embroidering for her 'hope' chest. Now of course at the time I had no idea what this was but all I knew was once the various doiley sets, runners and table clothes where finished they were sent to my Grandma for the crocheted edge. I loved how they were startched and put away for 'hope'.
My Mums' goodies from her hope chest where used on her dressing table, the dining table and on special occassions the beautiful table cloth came out for afternoon tea and dinners. I being a teenager of the seventies never had a hope chest and the doileys I inheritated have a special place in my heart.
Sooooooo, instead of having most 'put' away I decided to display them by making this ..........

I tea dyed some homespun and the colour is lighter than shown in the photos. The dressing table set must be at least 40 years old but I'm thinking closer to 60. My Mum always kept her things immaculate and I'm sure this is why they look so good. Of course there is wear but I get such warm and fuzzy feelings when I see these creations completed by these two wonderful women that have been in my life and who are both
sadly gone. 
They are on display for all to see plus they put a smile on my dial.

I have to stop 'finding' new projects and get myself organised for our impending trip. It'll happen.....


Friday, 22 February 2013

New view ....

Thankfully, our road was sealed on Thursday before the rain. This is the view from my sewing room today:

Its been a wild and wooly night but nothing like people living further up the NSW coast.

Do you read other peoples blogs and wonder how they produce such beautiful work so quickly? I do. Maybe it comes with experience? Maybe I'm just slow? I do aspire to be like them, I suppose some would say I have sewing envy, haha.

I have been doing some hand sewing that I cant show at the moment. I have been using some Presencia thread. Very nice to sew with.

A couple of weeks ago, Anthea showed us a lovely bag she had made with blue fabric. At the time I commented to her how I liked the fabric then realised I had bought some also.
I ummed and ahhed about what to make and this is my finished tote:

I found the pattern on The front section is quilted and is two pockets. The design wasn't lined but I have lined it and added an inside pocket. I really like it and intend to use it for everyday for a while. I want to make a backpack, do you have a favourite pattern for one? I'd love to know.

While sewing yesterday our pup, Charlie found a comfy bed for himself on some wadding. He moved before I could take the original position but here he is .........

I bought Charlie as a companion for my hubbie when I worked. He now shares himself around between us.

Enjoy your weekend.


Sunday, 17 February 2013

Easter basket ...............

Over the weekend I embroidered the front panel for this little Easter bag for our 3yr old grandie. This morning I finished it off.

I used the design from Red Brolly. Thanks to Bronwyn for this freebie.

We will miss Easter with her, so I wanted to make her something special from Grandma. I'll fill it with eggs and a couple of other little items.

Of course you see I have used my favourite again, polka dots, haha.

Update of the roadworks ............ nothing happening. It looks like a UFO (maybe from Wycliffe Well Michelle) has taken all the equipment and vanished. Who knows!

Enjoy your week!


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Altered view.....

Happy Valentines to all. According to the radio, teachers will receive the most valentine cards today followed by mothers. In this technological age probably lots of emails, twitters, facebook messages etc will replace cards. Myself, I got a very offhand Happy Valentines from my hubbie over breakfast this morning. I'll be waiting awhile for the roses dare say, haha.

For the last 3 months our street has been getting an upgrade. For the last 10 days this has been the view from my sewing room;

This ones a bit blurry but you get the drift. At least twice a day tables and the like need to have the layer of dust wiped away. Dry washing has a 'feeling' to it and any outside conversation leaves dust in your mouth. 6.30 every morning we have a lovely young girl who knocks on our door to ask us to move our car out of the street if we intend to use it that day (there goes any spontanious shopping trips)
No need to say how over it I am.
(This is where I apologise to all Aussie bloggers who are or have faced fires and floods in the last weeks)

I decided to make a couple of placemats to match my table topper. I watched a binding tutorial and used the technique which worked out OK.

Starting to stitch an Easter panel for a little bag for my gd but thats for another day.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

A finish.......

I dont know where this week has gone. A few appointments, shopping trips and then our beautiful gd came to stay for 2 nights meaning the week is finished and its nearly Monday again.

I did machine quilt my table topper earlier in the week and today have sewn the binding on.

And here it is on my dining room table.

I have no idea how to 'do' corners on the binding and one of these days will look at some of the on line tutorials.

I have another busy week but hope to get some future stitching organised and start on a bunny basket.

Hope you enjoy your week.


Saturday, 2 February 2013

Valentine Mini

Put my valentine mini up yesterday, seeing as it is nearly here.

Thanks to

I made it a few weeks ago and think its quite cute. I added another row to make it longer for the frame.

Also experimented with the hexies. Another thing to practice. Haha

My hubbie and I went to see 'Quartet' this morning. I love Billy Connolly. A nice film.


Friday, 1 February 2013

A few finishes

Ive finished a couple of projects over the last few days.

I unpicked my first attempt at applique and had another go. Its OK but more practice is needed.

Finally finished my sewing kit too:
and got to use Michelles label I had stitched previously

Just need to fill it up now.