Thursday, 27 June 2013

Lots of beaut places......

Since my last post, we have been to lots of amazing places. We stayed at Eighty Mile Beach for several days. Amazing shells! Fisherman galore. We had some white fin salmon given to us which was delicious.
We finally reached Broome and stayed for 5 days. We loved it. Stayed at a nice van park and had a giant site next to the pool which came in handy every afternoon after sight seeing. Visited the Pearl farm, markets, shopped, sunset at Cable Beach and went to the cinema under the stars. All terrific.
Dropped into Derby for a day, Fitzroy Crossing and Halls Creek before getting to the Bungle Bungle National Park. Today we went on a 4wd bus adventure in the park. Went on 4 walks, Picininny Lookout, Cathedral Gorge, Dome Loop and Echidna Gorge. What great rock formations.
No sewing due to heat and humidity but I did see a great patchwork piece today done by an artist out at the national park.
Interesting facts learnt n the last 10 days:
Pearl shell is used in lipstick and makeup
Pearl shells are used for 8years growing pearls
Houses in this north western area don't have gutters and new houses are made from corrugated colourbond
The same houses don't have letter boxes, they must have post boxes.
Boab trees are very cute, haha.

Sunday, 9 June 2013


We have had a wonderful two weeks of trouble free travel.
Free camped at Quobba Point, 4 nights at the very beautiful Coral Bay staying at a very overpriced underwhelming caravan park and 4 fantastic nights in Exmouth staying at theLighthouse Caravan Park. We have been through the adjoining National Park swimming in perfect turquoise water, ohing and ahhing at fish, views of the Ningaloo Reef and travelling by boat up the Yardie Gorge. All amazing and possibly my favourite place visited so far. No stitching happening at the moment.

These gnomes were sitting on top of a lookout new Kalbarri. A memorial. :)
Unfortunately my photos off Picassa look blurry to me, any suggestions? I am using my ipad.