Thursday, 9 May 2013

On the road again .............

We by passed Perth as we have visited there previously and stopped at New Norcia. A very interesting Benedictine monastic town with an active monastry. DH and I went on the walking tour visiting the schools, church and other buildings and heard all about the history of the original missionary monks, the schools for the aboriginal children (yes, some of the stolen generation), the European schools, bakery (yummy bread) and the hotel (had a norcia ale after the tour).
Travelled to Jurien Bay yesterday in terrible wind and some rain. No power at the caravan park meaning no hot shower, bummer. This morning we went to the Pinnacles, fascinating, and to the Crayfish farm which was interesting as well. Crayfish on the menu for dinner tonight, yum. Sharyn:)

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Still here .......

My apologies to all country bloggers BUT

It's 14 days tomorrow since we limped into Merredin. I am soooooo over it. I think we have heard every excuse in the book. I know they want people to move to the country but does keeping us here against our will count?
Even the flies are slow.
It's supposed to be finished today but I feel another excuse coming on.....
Here's the only photo I have taken since being here:

Update : we got the car back late this arvo. Hopefully we won't have any more trouble.:)