Saturday, 16 November 2013

The colour purple ..........

The lady I drew in the secret santa at work, has a passion for purple. Really enjoyed making this bag for her. It has two pockets on the front and one inside. No problem showing the pics as she has no idea about my blog.

I have made a table topper for chrissie with the gadget I bought from Cowra. Havent finished it as yet but heres a teaser.

Lots of beaut rain here. We do need it, but I wish I could send some to our country friends.


Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Oh my ....its mine!

I had a lovely parcel waiting for me this afternoon from the lovely De. I had admired it on her blog and am sooo happy to be the owner. Thankyou De and thanks to Cheryll for organising the flower mini swap.

This is the mini I sent to my partner. Haven't heard from her as yet so I hope it has arrived safely. (not the greatest photo, sorry folks).


Monday, 4 November 2013

Quick trip.....

Hubbie and I had a three day trip to Temora to attend a surprise birthday bash of a dear friend.
We (me) decided to take the scenic route and amazingly patchwork shops seemed to be in every town we passed through. These beauties were bought from Katoomba, Bathurst, Cowra and Young. Lovely shops with lovely ladies.

I loved the look from Cheryll at Gone Stichin of this little heart and decided to have a go. Im happy how it has turned out.