Thursday, 30 January 2014

Our new arrival ....................

Our second beautiful grandaughter was born on Wednesday afternoon.
Macey Lee 7lb 8oz, 49cm long. Mum is doing well and after a short stay in special nursery, so is Macey.
As you will see, big sister Sophie is besotten. (and so are we).

Isn't she adorable?


Monday, 20 January 2014

A hard lesson learnt......................

I endeavoured to learn new stitches on my secret heart sewing. Nearly two weeks of sewing, in between other things of course. A modern design that when finished I loved until...... I tried to wash the pattern off. Oh my..... dye disaster. I can tell you, there was alot of expletives and a few tears. Apparently hand dyed thread doesnt like to become wet, sob, sob, sob. I cant even show you because I was so annoyed the item was binned. This was my first time using the Cottage Garden Threads, any suggestions for next time?
Needless to say I have had to stitch another item, not as complicated a pattern as I'm running out of time. Hopefully my partner will like it.
I can show you a little wristlet I have made. I made up the design as I went along. Very cute........

My hubbie is still having issues from his bout of shingles. It has been a 'pain' all round.

I have been working on another semi secret item in between making curtains for my very soon to be born gd.

Just the binding to go but I'll tell you the story after I have given this to its new owner.

How are your new year resolutions going? Mine are still hanging there waiting to be acted on, Cant rush these things me thinks.


Wednesday, 1 January 2014

First timers...................

Happy New Year!

My year has started with me performing nursing duties to my hubbie. He has shingles. The left side of his head is a no go zone. There is no exact timetable for its course, apparently but the sooner it has moved on the better. Like most men, he is not a good patient and I admit my patience is shorter the 'more mature' I get. Thank goodness for my sewing room and ladies blogs.

This is the gift I sent to Michelle at Allthingsrusty in Chookys SSCS. The embroidery pattern is a Cheryl Seslar design.

I love the look of Dresden Plates. I found a tutorial to make a template and 'had a go'. Its is 12inch square and is haning on my mini stand. This is also my first attempt at stipling using my machine. Please note, no quilting police allowed. An interesting process and fun.

Back to the patient....