Thursday, 5 September 2013

Lots of fabric .....

Buying, that is.
There is a lovely fabric shop in a suburb not too far from my home. Limited patchwork fabrics, actually limited every type of fabric but lots of different types of fabric. You know what I mean, stretch, cotton, satins, silks, flannelette. Plus lots of lace, ribbon and fancy edging, flowers and lots of buttons. Now imagine a very small shop, I mean small, and crammed pack with all these beauties. I visited this emporium today with my gd to buy fabrics for our expectant gd and came away with a mixture of all of the above. I especially like the man who owns the shop and how he measures the fabric with a stick measuring a metre. This is what I purchased. Lots of baby sewing on the agenda.

During our grandies sleepover we have added to our veggie patch. Hopefully lots of fresh vegies for summer.

Hopefully I'll get to finish a mini I've been working on, on the weekend. Have a good weekend! Sharyn:)


Michelle Ridgway said...

How quaint. I actually remember fabric being measured with a stick. Lots of sweet sewing ahead for you Sharyn. How exciting. Hope the vegies produce well for you. The mini looks great. Love little Angel in the blue.

Shay said...

Lovely cute fabrics there Sharyn. And your vegie garden is looking fabulously delicious.